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NCC has over 24 years of experience in engineering and construction working in partnership with prestigious clients to deliver their state-of-the–art facilities. We specialize in the execution of industrial and commercial projects and facilities.


NCC prides itself in its presence throughout the entire engineering life cycle from architectural and engineering design, project management, civil works, infrastructure, steel works, electromechanical and finishing (Turnkey). Giving our clients the peace of mind from the start to the finish.

Our construction services are supported by our manufacturing facilities including our steel structure factory capable of the supply of various steel structures

and our pre-cast concrete plant.

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Steel Structures

NCC has developed an outstanding reputation in providing industrial and commercial steel structures, such as pre-engineered buildings structure and structural steel. We offer a full turnkey service – design, fabrication, finishing, and installation, making our clients visions a reality. Our facilities allow us to deliver a variety of items both large and small steel structures that are fabricated to our clients’ custom drawings in timely manner with utmost quality.

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Precast Concrete

The demand for Pre-Cast Concrete units has increased drastically due to its ability to save time and costs while still maintaining the widely known benefits of concrete. Working with various international partners NCC has gained a reputation in the manufacturing of custom precast concrete units in a timely manner with utmost quality to exceed our clients’ standards for highly regulated projects such as the El-Dabaa Power Plant and Various Railway Projects. Our facility allows us to manufacture custom concrete precast units that meet our clients specification

Download our Precast Concrete Brochure

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Other Services

Container Offices

A rusted, and no longer used container can be transformed into a full functioning mobile office with up to 2 closed off offices, equipped with a toilet, kitchenette, air conditioning, and mobile wifi, these offices can be customized to accommodate your engineers on their sites, allowing for a safe and comfortable space to work, increasing efficiency and employee morale. Office containers allow companies to have a cost-efficient, comfortable and reusable office space that can be moved around to accommodate different sites according to needs.

old and unused container ready to be repurposed
Work in Progress
Work In Progress
Fully Functioning Finished Product being used on site
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